What are the Customer Service Awards about?2018-08-30T10:39:52+00:00

The Jersey and Guernsey Customer Service Awards are an annual event designed to celebrate customer service excellence on the Channel Islands. They recognise individuals and teams working in all industry sectors for going that extra mile.

The awards run on nominations from the public.  Businesses can also nominate themselves as long as they can provide supporting customers feedback on their service.

The nomination period runs throughout June July & August.  In September all nominations are reviewed and a shortlist of three for each category is agreed by a judging panel.  The finalists are invited to a champagne awards ceremony and the lucky winners are invited on stage to collect their award.

Visit our videos page to hear from some previous winners what it felt like to win.

How do the awards work?2018-08-30T10:36:03+00:00

There are two different types of award:

Public nominations
Each year, the general public is asked to nominate an individual or team who they feel has given them excellent customer service. This can range from a self-employed gardener, to a supermarket worker, to a team in a shop or a high street bank; if you remember them for the right reasons, and they made you feel ‘WOW’, then they deserve your nomination.

Corporate submissions
Companies can also submit their own entries – we know that many organisations gain their own customer feedback via letters and feedback systems – and this equally as important as nominations made through this site.  Chose your entry, tell us why you should win, include customer feedback and send it in.  Your entry will be reviewed by the judges alongside any nominations made here.

Winning can bring a number of advantages, including enhanced publicity, peer recognition and attraction of quality staff.  Recognition brings a clear advantage against competitors – pointing you out as number 1.

Nominate your business via the Awards / corporate submissions page.

What geographical area do the awards cover?2018-08-30T10:35:00+00:00

The awards are open to everyone in all the Channel Islands: Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Herm and Sark.  Nominations for Alderney, Herm & Sark can be made through the Guernsey nomination button.

What happens at the ceremony itself?2018-09-11T13:52:59+00:00

The awards ceremonies are held in Jersey and Guernsey. All shortlisted individuals, teams and businesses are invited to the awards champagne ceremony to celebrate, and additional tickets can be purchased for their supporters. The Customer Service Awards ceremonies are always friendly, fun and informal. They take place from 6pm to 8.00pm and finalists are encouraged to bring along work colleagues, friends and family – children are most welcome and can attend free of charge as long as they sit on your knee!

Why should I take the time to nominate someone for an award?2018-09-11T13:47:11+00:00

It only takes two minutes to make a nomination – and it lets individuals, teams and businesses know that they are doing a brilliant job.  All nominations are reviewed by a panel of judges and considered for an award – just imagine if your nomination goes towards a winner! Your service champions will get the recognition they deserve.

Winning an award is an incredible achievement, but even if your nominee does not win, with your permission we will pass the feedback back to the organisation.  This means that businesses and individuals will get to know they are doing a brilliant job – and the great service you receive will continue – and perhaps improve even further.

By taking two minutes to nominate , you are also promoting great service on our islands – businesses will focus on their service more, customer service will improve and the Islands will become an even more pleasant place to be!

Visit our videos page to hear from some previous winners what it felt like to win, and why they think you should take the time to nominate.

Why should I promote the awards in my business?2018-06-25T09:17:12+00:00

By asking customers to nominate you, you let staff and customers know that service is a priority in your business.  Your service will improve.  If team members know they will get recognition for doing a brilliant job, they are more likely to deliver great service.  Better service equals happier customers and a positive impact on your business.

If you would like to promote the awards to customers, you can:

  1. hand out award business-cards. This card encourages customers to visit our mobile friendly website to nominate you.  Excellent customer service interactions can be nominated almost as soon as they have happened. Even better – anyone who nominates online will be entered into a prize draw to win one of two iPads (one for Jersey and one for Guernsey) donated by sponsor Sure.
  2. put up A3 and A4 posters in your business to promote the awards to customers
  3. give customers paper nomination forms so that they hand write their nomination.  They can leave the form with you, or post it at various places around the islands. These will be collected before judging day.

All materials are free of charge – let us know what you need via ‘Contact us’ and the materials will be delivered to your business.

You can nominate your business for award here.

Can I nominate more than once?2018-06-13T08:26:11+00:00

We recognise that there are lots of great service champions in the Channel Islands, therefore you can make as many nominations as you like.

However, to be fair, we ask that you only nominate an individual or business once for the same category.  If we see lots of repeat nominations from the same person for the same person it just messes up the judging.   To make it fair on everyone we have to exclude the extra nominations – and that means extra time and stress – and we end up drinking too much coffee and eating too much cake whilst we do it.

How can I sponsor an award in the future?2018-08-30T10:40:51+00:00

These awards only run because of the amazing sponsorship and support from local companies.

If you are interested in sponsoring a specific category or helping with the awards, please visit the ‘contact us’ page and we can provide more information.

We can also meet for an informal chat and we’ll by the coffee!

Visit our videos page to hear from some of our sponsors about why they sponsor the Customer Service Awards and why service is so important to them.

How do I win an iPad?2018-09-19T08:22:32+00:00

To encourage more customers to nominate their superstars online (which is much more environmentally friendly and easier to manage), our sponsors Sure have given us two 32GB iPads – one for Guernsey and one for Jersey.  We have randomly chosen an online nomination from Guernsey and another from Jersey.  If that customer has left us their contact details, they will be invited to their Sure shop to collect their iPad (and if they haven’t left their contact details, then we move to the next nomination).

Is it safe to leave my contact details with you?2018-08-30T10:28:59+00:00

If you leave your contact details, we will only use them to let you know if you have won and iPad.  If you have ticked the ‘I am happy to be contacted by The Customer Service Awards’ box, then we will email you next year to let you know about the next round of awards.  That’s it.  We will NEVER EVER share your information without your consent.  Please see more information on our Privacy Policy page (health warning; can also be used as a sleeping aid).

Will my comments be shared with the nominee?2018-06-25T08:59:34+00:00

We will only share your kind words with the organisation if you have ticked the box giving us permission to do so.  If you would rather they were not shared, that’s no problem at all; they will be kept private.

However – just imagine the smile you will be putting on someone’s face when they read all those lovely things.

Please see more information about holding and sharing your data on our Privacy Policy page (health warning; can also be used as a sleeping aid).

Where can I find paper nomination forms?2018-09-11T13:52:36+00:00

The 2018 awards are now closed.

We appreciate that not everyone wants to go online to make their nomination (even though it’s really easy and you are saving trees and our carbon footprint).  Therefore when the awards are open, there are paper nomination forms and voting boxes around the islands.  We circulate over 20,000 forms per year you should see them all over the islands – but the main pick up and posting points are the Sure shops, Waitrose and the Coop.

What categories can I nominate someone for?2018-09-11T13:51:35+00:00

We have ten categories that are open to public nomination.  Have a look at the Awards Categories page for more information.

When you complete your nomination, you will be asked to select a category, so it’s worth having a quick look at the type of businesses and people you can nominate.  However, if you are not sure, just tick the ‘not sure’ box and we’ll put your nomination into the most appropriate category.

There is also a ‘People’s Choice’ category which is based on the business which gets the most nominations.  And from all of the winners, the judges will chose an overall winner. So – 12 awards in total and ten that you can vote for.

I don’t know which category to select2018-09-11T13:51:18+00:00

If you are not sure which category to nominate your service superstar for,  have a look at the Awards Categories page for more information.  This page lists all of the categories and also which kind of business or person you might nominate.

When you complete your nomination you will be asked to select a category, so it’s worth having a quick look at the type of businesses and people you can nominate.  However, if you are not sure, just tick the ‘not sure’ box and we’ll place your nomination into the most appropriate category for you.

My question is not answered on your website2018-06-25T09:16:07+00:00

Whoops.  Sorry about that.  We thought we’d answered everything.

Please let us know your query on the Contact us page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

There is a problem with this website2018-06-25T09:15:47+00:00

Whoops.  Sorry about that.  We’d really appreciate it if you could let us know what isn’t working, or any additional information you’d like to see.

Please let us know about the problem or your suggestion on the Contact us page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How do you chose the winner?2018-09-11T13:50:59+00:00

Once the nominations period closes on 31 August, all of the paper nominations are collected.  These are then put together with the online nominations and any corporate submissions we receive.

A panel of judges then meets, and over huge amounts of coffee and donuts, every single nomination is read.   A shortlist is then produced for each category.  From this shortlist, a winner is then selected.  And from these winners, and overall winner is selected.

Please note that winners are not just selected due to the number of nominations they receive.  Smaller businesses have just as much chance of winning as larger ones – it is quality, not quantity that matters.

If you are shortlisted, you will be contacted mid-September and invited to our red carpet champagne awards event as our special guest.  Additional tickets can be purchased so that you can invite your friends and family to see you get the recognition you deserve.

Who attends the awards?2018-09-11T13:50:44+00:00

Our sponsors, judges and finalists are invited as our special guests.  However anyone can attend this red carpet event to help us celebrate. Tickets can be purchased here.


How can I vote for someone who has already been nominated?2018-08-30T10:26:08+00:00

You cannot ‘vote’ for someone who has already received a nomination – but you can make your own nomination for the same person, business or team to further support them.

The more high quality nominations a person, team or business receive, the more likely they will be shortlisted and win.

The awards are judged on individual nominations rather than a public vote for individuals.  We carry out the awards this way so that as many individuals as possible can be nominated.

Can I nominate my own business for an award?2018-09-11T13:50:31+00:00

Yes – as long as you have some supporting customer testimonials as part of your entry.

Visit our Corporate Entries page for more information on submissions and to see the web-form for completion.

Can I attend the awards?2018-09-11T13:50:07+00:00

The awards are an evening of celebration and everyone can attend.

The majority of tickets are provided to the finalists and their teams free of charge.  However additional tickets are available for £20 – this is just to help contribute to the costs of the event.

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