The following categories were open to public nomination in 2019.  We are making some improvements to the 2020 awards and they will be confirmed as soon as possible.

BEST SERVICE FROM A SOLE TRADER This award is for the individual person who is self employed who has gone the extra mile to deliver excellent service. Who might you nominate? Anyone who is self employed, for example your hairdresser, decorator or a small local company owner, potentially working on their own. This category recognises individuals running their own business, whilst putting customers at top of their agenda.

BEST SERVICE FROM A TEAM This award is for any team who work together to deliver an amazing customer experience from beginning to end. Who might you nominate? Public and private sector teams, retail teams, restaurant teams, hotel teams, tourism teams, healthcare teams – any team who work together to deliver a brilliant experience.

BEST SERVICE FROM AN ASPIRING STAR This awards is for any individual who has just started out on their service career but shows enormous potential. They should have an impressive attitude towards their customers and is likely to go far in the future.
Who might you nominate? Any individual in any service sector who is in the first few years of their career in a service related role – from restaurants and bars to States departments and professional service providers. (This is not necessarily a youngster – it could be a more mature person who has just started in a customer service role).

BEST SERVICE FROM AN INDIVIDUAL EMPLOYEE This awards is for any individual, from any walk of life who goes the extra mile for their customers. This person will have an exceptional attitude to service and nothing is too much trouble for their customers. Who might you nominate? States employees, retailers, hospitality, leisure, states services, professional and personal services – any one individual who does a brilliant job, all the time.

BEST SERVICE USING DIGITAL INNOVATION This awards is for any business or group who has used digital to transform their service – for example through social media, gaining customer feedback or engaging with customers in an innovative manner
Who might you nominate? Any business from any sector – this could be retailers, hotels, small companies, public services and leisure providers – if they use digital you can enter them.

BEST SERVICE FROM FOOD & DRINK This awards is for any restaurant, bar, café or takeaway who excels in the experience they provide. Who might you nominate? Restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, snack bars, kiosks, caterers, takeaways – anyone involved in providing a great experience in food and drink.

BEST SERVICE FROM LEISURE & TOURISM This award is for any business or team involved in leisure activities and tourism. This is for the teams and businesses who not only provide a fabulous service to locals, but wow our visitors and make them want to return. Who might you nominate? Leisure facilities and visitor attractions. Any company that entertains us and makes the islands a great place to live and visit.

BEST SERVICE FROM ACCOMMODATION This award is for any business or team involved in providing accommodation to tourists and visitors to the islands, as well as locals visiting our sister islands Who might you nominate?  From campsites, guesthouses and self catering accommodation, to apartments and hotels – anyone providing accommodation, made fabulous by its service.

BEST SERVICE FROM TRAVEL This award is for any business or team involved in travel – from those responsible for getting people to and from the islands, to those who take us from A to B. This is for the teams and businesses who not only provide a fabulous service to locals, but wow our visitors and make them want to return. Who might you nominate? Taxi drivers, bus companies, ferries, cruise ship hospitality teams, private car hire, airlines, boats and travel agents. Any company or individual that helps people get to and around the islands.

BEST SERVICE FROM RETAIL This awards is for any retailer – big or small who consistently provides fantastic service. Who might you nominate? If they sell something you can nominate them for this award – as long as customer excellence is as important as the product being sold. .

BEST SERVICE FROM PROFESSIONAL SERVICES This award is for anyone who provides you with amazing customer service from the professional or personal services sector. Who might you nominate? Bankers, beauticians, dentists, electricians, financial services, gardeners, hairdressers, insurance brokers, maintenance, pet care, plumbers, spas and trainers – if they give you a professional, specialist personal and brilliant service nominate them here.

SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARDS There are also a number of special awards that will be made; these awards are selected by the judging panel and are not open to public nomination.