Jill Clark

The Customer Service Awards are now in their 9th year and are organised by Jill Clark.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the customer service field, Jill Clark is well prepared for her role running the Customer Service Awards. Jill was previously director of customer service at Specsavers, which involved improving all areas of the customer experience in store.

“Being a born and bred customer service fanatic, working for Specsavers and focusing on making our customers truly happy was a job I loved” says Jill. “The real challenge was helping all colleagues in all stores to deliver brilliant service to the same high level all day and every day.

“Service is my passion and I believe the awards give brilliant teams and individuals the recognition they deserve – and helps inspire others to improve the experience they give their customers. My aim is that we all experience fantastic service every day from everyone we are in contact with.  I believe that the awards will really help deliver this.  The awards are 100% positive, give individuals solid feedback on their service – not to mention helping improve the islands’ economies.  The awards are a huge community event to organise and they are only possible due to the wonderful support from local business sponsors and supporters”.

In addition to running the awards, Jill is also a customer service consultant with customer-excellence.gg and lecturer at the GTA University Centre. She also speaks at customer service events and seminars.

The 2018 awards are now over, but the 2019 awards are already in the planning. If you would like to register for free materials to help promote the awards to your customers, please do so here.

The awards only exist due to the support of local companies  – if any company or local business wishes to support us, please contact Jill at: contact@thecustomerserviceawards.com

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