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Congratulations on yet another hugely successful awards this year, and for raising the profile of good customer service on our islands. The awards are now certainly at that stage where they have grown enough to consider where you go next – how exciting, and well done to you!

Ricky Davey
Managing Director, Roberts Garages, Jersey

Nothing can have a greater impact on your day, or even completely ruin it, like poor customer service. Exceptional customer service is still quite uncommon and good customer should be recognised, shouted about and rewarded. It is for this reason that I wanted our radio stations on both Guernsey and Jersey to play our part in supporting the Customer Service Awards and we are proud to be associated with them.

On our islands our standards should be set very high, and each year we should encourage more people to enter and for business owners to appreciate just how important good customer service is and how influential it can be. We continue to want to work with these awards to have more people on our island making our days – not breaking them.

Mike Huston
Station Director, Channel 103 (Jersey) and Island FM (Guernsey)

At Lloyds Bank we strive to provide excellent customer service, putting our customers first and the Customer Service Awards is a great initiative to sense how our customers are feeling. We were absolutely overwhelmed with the generous comments and responses from all our customers. The daily focus and responses received provided our teams with a sense of pride and motivation to do well and when we were nominated as finalists for three categories it was a time for celebration!

To win the ‘Best Team’ category was amazing and was the icing on the cake for everything we aim to achieve for our customers. This initiative is inspirational for colleague engagement which in turn benefits our customers.

Kate Cousins
Manager of Service, Lloyds Bank

The Customer Service Awards without any doubt whatsoever provide businesses throughout all sectors with an incredible platform on which to maintain, develop and equally importantly sustain customer service levels and satisfaction to the highest of standards. It is far from all about winning or even being shortlisted but to receive compliments from customers day in and day out provides the job satisfaction that all involved with business thrive upon.

Our business here has had an incredible experience with last years awards – extremely proud to have been involved and so touched by the appreciation of our customers – what a year!

We have lovely islands and customers – the final touch is businesses that go that little bit further to see smiling faces – the Customer Service Awards promote and recognise this ‘final touch’ achievement.

Andy Le Prevost
Managing Director, Seafresh Fishmongers