The decisions have been made!

The judges have ploughed their way through the incredible 8,271 nominations in this year’s Jersey Customer Service Awards and, following much deliberation, have decided on a shortlist in each category.

If you want to see who wins, then please join us on Friday (4 Oct) in Liberty Wharf at 1730hrs at the Awards ceremony where the lucky winners will be announced.

And don’t forget – someone will also be walking away with the highest accolade – Overall Customer Service Award winner 2013!





Employee of a small business  Errol Mitoo  Ima’s Caribbean Coffee Shop
 Sonia Nobrega  Rayner’s Dry Cleaners
 Simon Jones  Windsor Crescent Dental Surgery
Employee of medium-sized business  Glenn Le Moignan  Airtel Vodafone
 Janine Blakey  Feel Unique at Au Caprice
 Jenny Downie  Iceland Frozen Foods
Employee of a large business  David Hewitt  Gorey Post Office
 Magda Kmito  Jersey Pottery
Emma Le Seelleur  Waitrose
David Bras Café 1837
Self-employed individual  Aaron Want  MAC Energy
 Samantha Gaudin  The Gooseberry Bush
 David McVay  DMV Plumbing
States employee  Dave Lawson  Data Protection
 Kelly Vallois  Social Security
 Dr Fred Rudd  Lister House Surgery
 Dr Ivor Thompson  Hospital
Tourism/hospitality industry  Melissa Crowther  The Grand Hotel
 Joe Gomes  Somerville Hotel
 Jennie O’Connor-Fitzgerald  Blue Islands Flight Attendant
Best team  Ima’s Caribbean Coffee Shop
 Les Quesnes Pharmacy
Humble volunteer  Cheryle Raphael  Breast Cancer
 Jules Miller  Autism Jersey
 Pat Beaugeard  Piano teacher for those with impaired hearing
Parish of St Helier award  The Team  Jersey Pottery
 David Bras  Café 1837
 The Team  Taste Café
Best customer experience  The Team  Café 1837
 The Team  Fly Direct
 The Team  Tot Stop Creche
Aspiring star  Stacey  Somerville Hotel
 Jade Forrest  Beaumont Bathrooms
 Laura Poindestre  Broken Wind